Cards Against Equestria

-and other horrible expansions-

I'm sure most of you have heard of the popular game 'Cards Against Humanity.'
Well, somewhere in the depths of reddit a long, long time ago, a group of people decided to ponify it. Today, I am working on bringing these cards to the physical realm, along with a number of my own sets. Ever since I first introduced these at conventions, they have been a huge hit, to the point that a large number of people were begging to know where they could buy their own set.

Currently, pre-orders are closed - However, I may have some sets left over, due to minimum order quantities!
You can order any I have left here.

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Current Sets:

  • Cards Against Equestria

    The one that started it all!
    Created on reddit in 2012, this deck has seen action on xyzzy and other online CAH game sites.
    198 cards: 59 black, 139 white.

    Card Spoiler$45
  • Cards Against Equestria 2

    Generally-pony cards taken from or inspired by the sets on and other like-minded sites.
    198 cards: 53 black, 145 white.

    Card SpoilerOut of stock
  • Cards Against Bronies

    These cards are authored by poor saps pony convention attendees that played a few rounds with blank white cards. *Featured in the 2016 Ponyville Ciderfest Cards Against Equestria Charity Panel!*
    198 cards: 26 black, 172 white.

    Card SpoilerOut of stock
  • Cards Against Bronies 2

    The Sequel to the convention favorite, as seen at Whinny City 2017.
    198 cards: 38 black, 160 white.

    Card SpoilerOut of stock
  • Cards Against Bronies 3

    More degenerate pony for your playing pleasure!
    (Formerly labeled "Cards Against Equestria Daily)
    *Larson Approved!*
    198 cards: 29 black, 169 white.

    Card Spoiler$45
  • Cards Against Furries

    Everyone loves furries, right?
    This is a subset of the "Sodomy Dog's Furry Pack"
    198 cards: 79 black, 119 white.

    Card Spoiler$50
  • Cards Against Fimfiction

    Because everyone needs more pony.
    A subset of the "" pack
    36 cards: 12 black, 24 white.

    Card Spoiler$18
  • Cards Against The Internet

    Select favorites from a large number of never-printed card sets, gathered from the furthest reaches of the internet!
    144 cards: 33 black, 111 white.

    Card SpoilerOut of stock