Hey there, I'm Data! Computer Programmer, Pony Aficionado.

Some of my Projects:

  • FiMFetch MLP Fiction Archive

    Archive of current and deleted MLP fics from Fimfiction.net, Fanfiction.net, and ArchiveOfOurOwn.org.
    Emphasis on providing ready access to stories deleted from their parent site and on formatting stories for compatibility with mobile readers.

  • MLP CCG Card Database

    Database of MLP:CCG playing cards, with price tracking
    Current emphasis on card lookup and price comparisons.
    I plan on creating a mobile-friendly deck builder with statistics, but that may be some time yet.

  • Cards Against Equestria Printings

    Physical card printings of the Cards Against Equestria game, along with a number of other pony-themed CAH expansions.

  • Minecraft Programming

    Making custom server plugins for Craftbukkit/Spigot Servers since 2011.