MLP:CCG Extended Set Printings

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Current Sets:

  • New Dawn

    Out of stock

    Physical card printings of the MLP:CCG Set "New Dawn" designed by Commentary Is Magic.

  • New Dawn UR Foils (Order Addon)


    There are some leftover UR cards from the New Dawn preorders! This order includes 36 cards: 1 Mane, 3 of 11 URs, and two extras chosen by survey:
    ND53 Princess Celestia, Solar Guardian
    LL146 Grogar, Father of Monsters

  • Leaders and Legends


    Physical card printings of the fan-made MLP:CCG Set "Leaders and Legends" designed by Commentary Is Magic. Links to the updated rules and the like can be found on their website: (at the bottom of the page)
    One order comes with 2 of each common mane, 1 UR mane, 4 of each problem, 2 dual-sided scorecards, and 3 of each other card.
    This print run additionally comes with a number of bonus cards:
    3 #113 Rainbow Generator
    2 #128 Buckball Strategy
    2 #132 Mystery at Hope Hollow
    3 #83 Patagium, Identity Crisis
    6 #56 Pukwudgie, Prickly Pest
    3 #145 Grogar, Legion of Doom
    8 Token Earth (1-power pink)
    16 Token Unicorn (1-power white with Prepared)
    12 Token Pegasus (1-power blue with Swift)
    16 Token Critter (1-power yellow)
    8 Token Rock (3-power orange)
    6 Token Figment (2-power purple)
    6 Token Seashell (2-power pink)
    5 Token Troublemaker (?-power troublemaker copy)
    5 Token Resource (resource copy)
    8 Token copies (?-power friend copy)
    6 Token Changelings (2-power colorless)
    [Token Card Preview]
    This low cost was made possible by a large group signup during PCF