Minecraft Server Plugin

- Custom Programming Services -

If you are looking for a skilled programmer to create something unique for your server, then drop me a line! Reasonable rates, quick results, proven reliability, free upgrades for API changes.
I have been coding for minecraft servers since 2011, and specialize in the small tools and tweaks that you need to make your server stand out. Larger projects are not out of the question, but subject to time slot availability.
I have created hundreds of plugins, and have done work for notable projects such as WorldEdit and Bukkit, as well as work for prominent servers like CityPrison and RedstonePvP, and most recently the #1 MLP Minecraft server BronyTales.

Some examples of my work:

  • Bettershop

    My first project, this took on a life of its own and became the #1 most used shop plugin in 2012. During a core rewrite, I came to realize that this project had become too large for me to sustainably maintain, and abandoned it for other (paying) pursuits. By the end, it employed more lines of code than the craftbukkit server mod, itself.

  • PonyPack

    Created specifically for BronyTales, this adds a whole host of unique racial abilities to complement immersion into an MLP-themed Minecraft server. Inspired by the original Pon-3 gaming pack, but is much more configurable.

  • Robo

    Developed in under a month for exhibition at MineFaire, this plugin was used to demonstrate programming in comprehensive manner by programming "robots" in Minecraft to solve logic puzzles. [Demo Video made by SoulStriker.]
    Currently available to play on BronyTales for donors!

  • CookieMonster

    Another of my most well-known public projects, I took over maintaining this from its original author. Continued in a full-rewrite as CookieMinion for better performance and modern Minecraft compatibility.

  • ChessCraft

    I helped out this plugin in its infancy, adding terrain saving, board rotation, nonsolid block movement, lighting, mob protection - even AI for single player gameplay, and a set design that the author still prefers.

  • Cookie PvP

    A custom pvp engine for a startup server that went by the name CookiePVP.
    Users would select a fighting class, then be given items to match that class, each item with a special ability, like throw a bouncing ice block that explodes on the fifth bounce, for example. Or disappear in a cloud of bats. Or summon a hoard of exploding pigs. Or play with rocket launchers.

  • Honeypot Chests

    This was a mod tool for creating griefer honeypots - set up the pot, make it look like someone's private stash, and wait for a raider to ignore the rules and steal from it. Instant ban. Problem solved.

  • MageBlocks

    This was created to allow some players to be able to pick up large chunks of blocks and throw them a short distance.

  • Zombie Hoard

    Designed to be a tool to create a minigame with, this was essentially a killing floor scenario: Kills won points, you can buy items with points, zombies spawn continually in set points, manual targeting, camping trackers, etc.

  • Herobrine Tag

    When you're "it", you're Herobrine!
    This was a complete minigame server plugin, with lobby and rotating map setup.

  • Hotplate

    The floor is lava! This was another server minigame plugin, where the floor would disappear after being walked on - last one standing wins!

  • Casino

    Roulette slot machines using itemframes. Fixed win percentages, as to make it easier to get a jackpot.

  • BungeeInventory

    This plugin created an interface for two different servers to be able to communicate with each other via Bungee, and transfer a player's inventory between servers.